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저가 번들망원이지만

몇달전에 중고로 질렀다..

(사실 70-300이나 50-200 사려고했음)

장만한지 언제였는지도 기억이 잘 나진 않는다..

올림푸스의 경량화 소형화의 산물..

(구형 14-45보다 약간 작은편이고,훨씬 가볍다. 그러나 내부는 원가절약의 티가 팍팍나는..)

요샌 번들보다도 망원을 웬지 더 달고다니는편이지만..

무거운 구형 번들이 잊혀지는거같아.. 안쓰럽기도 하다.. 팔아야하나........

'티스도리의 일상이야기' 카테고리의 다른 글

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    lf achievement come out, is that to kill for somebody else and relate to the affair of oneself's life, Li Lian Tian's killing all doesn't make.

    "We believe yours, you can't intentionally condescension become like this" Lin Wen looking at Li Lian's God's way very gentle and softly, she to Li Lian Tian but have the power to pretty much have confidence after all Li Lian Tian Zhang is really a lot too big, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/pittsburgh-steelers-troy-polamalu-jersey-c-532_542.html Troy Polamalu Jersey Steelers.

    "Do not go, don't go, really don't go" Li Lian Tian looking at them to helplessly smiled to smile, who make none of them understand his/her own circumstances to pretty much make it lively for.

    "Calculated, this affair we hereafter measure at the company" Chen Qian Dao, "the affair of most is Li Lian Tian to pay now, we thoroughly eat the meal of delicacy, ha ha, my belly has been very hungry."Chen Qian says.

    "That still walk not and quickly, " Lin Wen jumped to shout loudly.

    "Etc., this guy calls to come to not" Li Lian Tian points at depend on the card Lun on oneself way.

    "This is still remarkable" Li Ying was still that so ghost to smile for a while, dynasty Li Lian Tian side walked to pass by.

    "Feed, card Lun, get up quickly, you brothers Li Lian Tian promise to you 100,000,000,000, not, is 1, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/baltimore-ravens-ray-lewis-jersey-c-36_47.html Ray Lewis Ravens Jersey,000,000,000,000" Li Ying towards the ear of card Lun to shout loudly a way.

    "What, what, 1,000,000,000,000, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/houston-texans-andre-johnson-jersey-c-251_265.html Andre Johnson Texans Jersey, where, where" card Lun really wide awoke all of a sudden to come over, he was very impressionable to money this word.

    Li Ying of"Li Lian Tian exactly wants to take us to have a meal where, how more walk more strange" is impatient of call a way.

    "I want to take you to eat the thing that I think the best flavor, not the important step is hasty, not the important step is hasty, at turn curved is" openings way of Li Lian Tian.

    "Is true of, this kind of place still has better wine shop than the downtown" Lin Wen asks a way.

    The "my a short while can greatly eat to eat especially" card Lun was a to have a meal crazily.

    "Arriving is this family tradition flavor a light repast snack shop" Li Lian Tian towards everyone's way.

    The "what, " card Lun surprise called, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/baltimore-ravens-torrey-smith-jersey-c-36_55.html Torrey Smith Ravens Jersey, "this, this is the flavor best store that you say."

    "Certainly, absolute orthodox school" Li Lian Tian claps own chest way."You have to eat how much eat how much, feel at home" Li Lian Tian immediately after says.

    "You play trick" Li Ying puzzlingly looking at Li Lian's God's way, "you have no money, I can take for you."

    The owner of taste a light repast sees a super famous brand sports car stop down and all stare big eyes, he makes sure he only on TV in once see, always all had no to personally once see car like this, also appear at own of at present.

    "Calculated, calculated, this was also Li Lian Tian's intention" Chen Qian and text feeling said to get off, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/indianapolis-colts-andrew-luck-jersey-c-272_276.html Andrew Luck Colts Jersey.

    The owner sees rich people Ye Ms. Kuo walking to come in and hurriedly running to go out to greet a way:"Welcome, we are here price justice, each one is 2 dollars, if you so many people, I can also call 9 for you to fold."

    "What" Lin Wen and Li Yings shout loudly.

    The "not, not, we can call 8 for you to fold, " owner withdraws previous remark a way, the after all recent business changes of hard to do.

    "We aren't this meaning, the owner takes the best thing to come out, everybody comes first a bowl of" Li Lian Tian towards that.Obviously Li Lian Tian usually comes very much to have a meal here.

    When Li Lian Tian becomes overdo just discover that Li Ying and Lin Wen stares huge eyes to looking at their himself/herselfs.

    "You literally eat and literally eat" the falter way of Li Lian Tian.See the Chen Qian and text feeling walked into, Lee even sky also hurriedly heel go in, he doesn't want to looking at Li Ying and Lin Wen's vision.

    The Li Ying and text feeling also walked into very helplessly, saw card Lun have already started being eating noodles, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/carolina-panthers-cam-newton-jersey-c-87_88.html Cam Newton Panthers Jersey, he the good elephant swear to eat several ten bowls of of felling, madness of open to shut up.

    "Is really so delicious" Lin Wen looking at to ask the card Lun the way.

    "Is delicious?A bowl of several 100 dollarses of delicious still 2 dollars of delicious"Li Ying clap Lin Wen's arm way.

    The "young lady, you that car bought how much " owner just sees Li Ying is opening car so ask Li Ying Dao.

    "1000 many ten thousand, " Li Ying answer way.

    The owner of "1000 many ten thousand" snack shop almost vomited blood.

    "To that is the owner, a short while takes seeking of money him, " Li Ying points at Li Lian's God's way.

    The owner of "he is an owner, owner" snack shop looking at Li Lian Tian's